Newman Catholic Center

It started with a house

Campus ministry. Many students. Tiny house with a garage converted into a 12-seat chapel. Need more space!

Open during construction

Keeping the Newman Center open during construction was a key priority for the pastors, Fr. John and Fr. Kevin, so that they could continue to minister to the students.

Solution: "Drop-on" remodel

I designed the entire addition to be built over and around the original house--an innovation that kept the Center open and created unique design challenges.

Spaciousness and beauty

Curvilinear roof, soaring interior spaces, large windows, and visible structure all work together to create the new chapel.

Yes, the house is still in there

A welcoming and contemporary structure for the students, faculty, and staff of Cal Poly State University and Cuesta College.

A space for worship

With seating for nearly 200 and a back wall that opens to additional seating and meeting areas, the new chapel offers space for prayer and liturgy.

Grace Bible Church

Planning for the community

A scale model helps the members of Grace Bible Church envision their future campus: church, gymnasium, classrooms, meeting spaces.

Construction begins

The site begins to take shape, while the community continues to meet in its small church facility elsewhere.

Entrance: Fellowship hall and gym



The sanctuary seats 450-500 people.

Interior with skylights

Skylights open the space, bring in light, and remind the assembly of its orientation toward God.

Grace Church: Remodel

Model shows site conditions

The site of this longtime church community was in the heart of downtown and required special considerations.

Close-up of the model courtyard

The courtyard provides a place off-street for people to gather.


Street view

Also along the street

Lamont Apostolic Church: Photos coming soon

Additional Church Photos

Newman Center: truss detail

Newman Center: truss detail

Newman Center: roof framing