Wilhelm Residence

Rural Oregon calls

After many years in San Luis Obispo, we head up to the Willamette Valley to build our own home.

Site-drilled caissons offer stability

Rocks, rock shelves, and bedrock call for piers and a steel foundation.

A contemporary visual emerges

Main living space is on the first floor, with a sunny office and master suite on the second-floor mezzanine.

Siding begins to go up

If you've ever hung your own concrete siding, you'll know why we're not quite finished here.

View from bedroom mezzanine

The house is full of windows, to provide welcome, fill rooms with natural light, and help make the best use of Oregon's limited amounts of sunshine.

Open stairs are inviting

Our golden retriever, Maggie, loves the staircase.

Casa Nueva Vallarta

Exterior front

Exterior beachside

Dining interior

Living area

Living area

Master suite


Kimbrell Residence

Scale model

Interior dayroom

Interior truss roof

Tile over concrete deck

Interior truss roof

Exterior entry

Sorsabal Residence







Selected Residential Projects

Caminiti Residence

Stein Residence

Briesacher Residence

Geiger Residence

Thompson Steel Trellis

Auyseme Veterinarian Clinic and Residence

Auyseme Vetinary Clinic and Residence

Selected Multi-Family Projects

Garden Apartments

Each unit entered through a private patio courtyard with varied facades.

Harris Duplex

Twin custom studio apartments designed for a young professional (both units leased prior to construction being completed). 

Harris Duplex / Interior

Vaulted ceilings, knotty pine paneling builtin shelving and decorative fireplaces made these studios a must have.

Student Housing

High density projects with central open green space with parking restricted to perimeter of project provided softer view corridors for individual buildings.

Workforce Housing

High density workforce housing requires ample green space for softer view corridors and indivdual privacy.